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Prabhat Jha's tranquility on the removal of Ramlal; Some people start to believe in God even when they are human


  • Former BJP president Maha Ramlal has been in charge of MP
  • BJP’s National Vice President Prabhat Jha did not receive special responsibility in the elections

Bhopal . The pain of National Vice-President Prabhat Jha has surfaced when he was removed from the erstwhile BJP National General Secretary Ramlal. Taking a beating on Ramlal indirectly, he said, “Some people start to believe in God even when they are human. The good person ‘organizer’ is the one who can mobilize every person in work. Those who do not work themselves and do not let anyone do, they are always unsuccessful. So always believe in your work. ‘ Jha said this Sunday after multiple tweets after one by one. This statement of Jha is being linked to Ramlal in political circles.

‘Speak less’ Good: Jha said – you got the opportunity and they did not get the opportunity. If you have an opportunity then you should take advantage of everyone’s qualifications. ‘Speak less’ is good. By speaking less it also comes to them that they do not have to speak and do not speak.

If you do not speak much then think that the truth is not going to bother when you do not speak. What you are today, were not tomorrow. Also, you will not be there tomorrow, so your behavior will accompany your life. There is a difference between “you” and “we”, “me” and “thou”. One has humility and the second one is humility. If this rage deteriorates then human relations worsen. In general, when you come to a decisive post, keep the character of Raja Harishchandra in front of you.

Do not look for the election … hence the excruciating pain: Ramlal had the charge of MP and in Jharkhand assembly and Lok Sabha elections, Jha did not get the desired conclusion . In the Lok Sabha elections, he was asked to sit in the party office.

If you put more fruit than needed, then it breaks …

Jha also indirectly targeted the central leadership. He said that when the person’s name is there, then the chances of getting infamous increases. When put more than needed, it is broken. The term ‘balance’ should always be considered in life. Do not lend on ‘Distribution’ to Distribution. There should never be a feeling in the mind that I am only wise. People besides you are also wiser.

Liability does not mean the sense of ‘I am’

When people who suffer from others suffer themselves, then they understand their mistake. That’s why no one should mess with anyone’s respect. It may happen with you tomorrow. Liability ‘should not be the expression of’ I am ‘. The plagiarism of ‘drama’ definitely happens. Life drama is not realistic. Everyone has to live The one who does the drama does not understand that the play pole will open when time comes. What will happen then

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