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PrimeXBT platform increases operations in Brazil


As PrimeXBT continues to stand out through word of mouth from top traders and gaining additional recognition by taking home prestigious awards, it has spread rapidly across Europe, Asia and the rest of the world.

The company recently placed several job openings in Brazil, Argentina and Mexico in what appears to be an aggressive expansion into Latin America – its next stop on its global domination tour.

Interest in Bitcoin and trading in traditional markets grows in Latin America

Latin America has seen strong growth in interest in cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, in addition to an increase in demand for exposure to traditional assets such as gold, oil, stock indexes and more. It seems that the company's strategy is to capitalize on this growing interest in trading and capture market share in the region.

Time makes sense. PrimeXBT has recorded a record trading volume since volatility returned to traditional markets in mid-March. More traders than ever before are turning to PrimeXBT due to its diverse range of more than 50 assets. Meanwhile, there has been a huge spike in interest in Bitcoin and the traditional market in Latin America.

More traders in Latin America have moved from the cryptocurrency markets to the traditional ones since the crash of mid-March on black Thursday. But interest in Bitcoin is also gaining momentum, as shown in the chart below, highlighting the growth in volume traded at LocalBitcoins.

Latin American traders, however, lack a Bitcoin-based trading platform that offers cryptocurrency in addition to the traditional assets they could rely on.

Job offers point to PrimeXBT's global expansion in Latin America

PrimeXBT is an ADVFN-awarded trading platform, open globally to all traders, and the newly revealed job offers mean that marketing, social media and a robust campaign may soon raise awareness in Brazil and Argentina.

Additional job announcements to recruit native-speaking customer service representatives for your live chat team 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, add more credibility.

A similar pattern was witnessed before the platform increased in size in other regions. First, rumors start to spread and job listings appear. Then, traders from all over Latin America will share their reference links and PnL, if the cycle is really repeating itself.

Why Latin American traders will be interested in PrimeXBT

Traders in Brazil and Argentina will easily gain exposure to Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, in addition to traditional markets like gold, oil, gas, forex and major stock indices like ASX 200, thanks to PrimeXBT. Not only will there be an abundance of profit opportunities, but the added value of building a diverse and risk-averse portfolio with a variety of assets is unmatched.

Traditional assets are more volatile than ever, with each listed trading instrument experiencing record highs and falls in recent weeks. PrimeXBT offers long and short positions so that traders can profit, regardless of the direction of the markets.

Stop loss orders ensure that volatility never leads to too much capital being lost, and profit orders squeeze out every last ounce of profit. Charting tools integrated with dozens of the best technical analysis indicators give traders a competitive advantage. Orders can be placed directly by clicking on the chart itself for maximum accuracy.

These powerful tools, when combined and placed in the hands of a qualified trader, can increase capital quickly and efficiently, with minimal risk exposure.

Step forward: Register with PrimeXBT today

The platform offers a 60-second registration process with no KYC or personal information required. Bank-level security and enhanced encryption protect users' funds, along with two-factor authentication, address whitelist and more.

After signing up, there are several tutorials, a help center and a company blog with trading tips to help you feel comfortable with the platform. Usually, a trader's next logical step after making his first trade is to visit the platform's referral program to learn more.

An easy-to-share referral link allows traders to generate a second revenue stream by directing users to the platform. Each referral earns a commission and each new user that the indicated user signs up also earns another referral.

This goes to four levels of commissions for an exceptionally profitable program. CPA offers and an ambassador program are also offered to people with a strong following.

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