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Public Prosecutor of Bahia investigates Genbit's 'bank' for fraudulent scheme


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The Public Ministry of Bahia has launched an investigation against New Tiger Merchant Bank Ltda, a company linked to Genbit that is being accused of acting fraudulently in the cryptocurrency market.

The decision to initiate the investigation took place before Carnival, on the 19th of that month, as it was published, this Thursday (27th), in the Official Gazette of the State of Bahia.

According to Civil Inquiry No. 003.9.218011 / 2020, the 5th Consumer Prosecutor's Office is expected to ascertain the facts brought to it that New Tiger has been “offering credit card loans and managing investments with financial assets and cryptocurrencies”.

The Public Ministry suspects that this action has been carried out fraudulently. This is because the person who brought the case to the prosecution pointed out that this company has been “delaying customer payments and blocking withdrawals”.

Genbit Bank with new name

The company, which has Gabriel Tomaz Barbosa as one of its directors, changed its name. She stopped calling herself New Tiger to adopt the name Icon Digital S / A, as stated in the IRS.

The point, however, is that New Tiger Bank has not only changed its corporate name, but also its corporate structure. While in the Revenue there is an updated membership of administrators, on the Casa dos Dados website there is still the old formation of the company.

From the data that has not been updated, it is possible to see that New Tiger previously had Gensa Serviços Digitais S / A as a partner, the company behind Genbit

Before, the company had as partners Gensa Serviços Digitais S / A and Zurich Capital Investimentos e Participação Eireli. It is not clear for certain what would have motivated these companies to leave the membership of New Tiger, which became Icon Digital and went from being a limited company to becoming a privately-held corporation.

What is still in it is the name of Gabriel Tomaz Barbosa, who was responsible for the Zero.10 Club and is prohibited by the Securities and Exchange Commission from operating in the investment market capturing clients in Brazil.

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