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Rahul vs Rajnath in Parl over Wayanad farmer suicide

  • Rahul stated – Government is giving concession to rich businessmen instead of assisting the farmers
  • Rajnath said – This issue has not started in the last few years, provides remained since independence

New Delhi: Defense Minister Rajnath Singh upon Thursday left the governments are a symbol of farmers’ status in the Lok Sabha. Indeed, before this, in his talk, Rahul Gandhi had described the problem of farmers in the country as terrible. On this, Singh said – the federal government run for decades has been responsible for this case.

The income of farmers increased within five years- Rajnath

  1. Rahul said – I want to pull the attention of the government on the predicament of farmers in Kerala. Tomorrow’s incident has troubled me Wayanad’s farmer Ankitantan (55) committed committing suicide due to debt. Six farmers have got committed suicide this year
  2. Based on Rahul, the government is giving concessions to the traders rather than helping the particular farmers. Why such a double plan is being adopted? I request the federal government that the Reserve Bank should make sure that banks do not threaten farmers to obtain a recovery notice.
  3. On this, Rajnath said that people are responsible for the present circumstance of farmers, who have been running the federal government for decades. Most of the farmers had dedicated suicide before becoming the BJP government. Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s government made efforts to dual the income of the farmers.
  4. Rajnath said: According to a report, earnings of farmers increased by 20-25 percent. There is a lot to do for those farmers. Have done a lot. The number of suicides in farmers has decreased within 5 years. No government has been doing it in five years following the independence of the crops in the last 5 years, the increase in the assistance price of crops.

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