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Raj Babbar, when the hero was no more villain, had left for Bollywood


Born in Tundla in Uttar Pradesh on June 23, 1952, Raj Babbar has turned 67 today. Now his identity is not just an actor but also as a leader. Raj, considered to be among the veterans of the Congress Party, was not able to make audiences ludicrous in his acting role in Bollywood too. If you look at Raj Babbar’s life and his film journey, you will find that playing different roles in movies This actor is carrying a film story with him, which is not about the legacy of the legendary writers. Raj Babbar was the eldest of 6 siblings. Raj is an Acting Graduate from NSD’s 1972-75 batch. Raj Babbar stepped into Bollywood after the 5-year stabbing of the film, ‘Kissa Chair Ki Ka’, in 1977. After the hits of ‘Asaf Ka Talaja’ and ‘Today Ki Awaz’, Raj Babbar’s craving was to be seen among the audience. Raj played a rapist in ‘Scale of justice’. Raj Babbar got popularity from this character. At the same time, the news of the animosity between Amitabh and Raj remained in the discussion in Bollywood. It is said that due to Amitabh, many times Raj Babbar’s films got out of their hands. One such movie is associated with the movie ‘Salaam Halal’. Explains that in this film, director Prakash Mehra had chosen Raj Babbar, but Amitabh did not want to do that. Amitabh wanted to have a popular face with him in this film due to which his role was given to Shashi Kapoor instead of Raj Babbar. However, Prakash Mehra too had a bad name.

Raj Babbar’s film journey, along with his personal life, is also in great discussion. In the life of Raj Babbar, Love knocked twice and he was also a knock whose voice was heard far and wide. Explains that when Raj Babbar was struggling for films, he met film director Nadira. When this meeting turned into love, it was not known, and in the year 1975, both of them got married. In 1982, when Raj worked with actress Smita Patil in the movie ‘Bhigi Palken’, she was so impressed by Smita’s calm nature That they fell in love with Smita As soon as the news was received, Nadira put this condition in front of the Raj that he chose one of them and Smita. After that Raj left the house and settled down his world with Smita. The symbol is the son of Raj Babbar and Smita. At the same time, after the marriage with Nadira, Raj’s sons-daughter Arya Babbar and Juhi Babbar are there. After Smita Patil’s death, Raj Babbar again lives with his first wife, Nadira. Read also:

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