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Rakesh Roshan revealed, 'Doctors had said that you have to bite your tongue, so I said …'

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new Delhi. After fighting the battle with cancer, film director Rakesh Roshan has now revealed in an interview the things he had to undergo during cancer. He also revealed in an interview to SpotBoye that when he was struggling with tongue cancer, the doctors told him that maybe some part of your tongue might have to be amputated. After that it may have to be grafting. Rakesh Roshan revealed what he had told the doctors during that. If the treatment did not benefit, the biopsy Rakesh Roshan told, ‘It all started with a blister. My family doctor treated him many times but he was not taking the name of being finished. The blister was very small and there was no problem like pain and itching. He further told that one day he went to meet his friend in Hinduja Hospital. When he was leaving from there, he saw the board of the doctor of the ENT (nose, ears, throat) outside his cabin. He immediately met him. The doctor advised him to have a biopsy. Rakesh was with Hrithik when the cancer was confirmed Rakesh Roshan told, ‘I had a feeling from the beginning that I had cancer. I remember well that date was December 15, 2018. That day I was with son Hrithik. Then I received a call. I was told from the other side that your biopsy report is positive. That means cancer was confirmed. Rakesh Roshan was asked what was the reaction of his son Hrithik Roshan when he came to know that he was suffering from cancer. To this, he said, ‘As I said earlier, all these things were not new to us. So we tried to overcome these problems. Should never go into depression. Life should live Cancer is just a big name.

Rakesh Roshan told many things about the family.

Doctors said some part of the tongue has to be cut

After this he told, ‘I was a little scared during that when the doctors told me that some part of your tongue might have to be cut. After that we will also do its grafting. On this, I said that there is no need to do all these things. He said that tongue is the worst place to get cancer. In such a situation, you cannot drink water. Coffee and tea also cannot be drunk. In such a situation, you cannot even take the taste of things. ‘2-3 months of suffering’

Rakesh Roshan further disclosed, ‘I went through all these things for about 2 to 3 months. During this time my weight reduced by 10 kg. But now it has increased by 3 kg. Due to cancer treatment, I had become very weak. Your good cells also start to die during this time. He told, ‘But now I have become very, very good. I have started doing 90 minutes of gym every day. My personal trainer comes to my house for this. Now my stamina is back. But yes it is true that it will take me about 6 more months to be fully fit now. Giving chemotherapy and surgery, Rakesh Roshan, while giving information about his cancer treatment, further said, ‘Three weeks later my chemotherapy started in Kokilaben Hospital. It used to be about 4 to 5 hours daily. I underwent surgery at HN Reliance Foundation Hospital. He gave me cisplatin. Usually its volume is 40 but I was given 100. Even the radiation given to me has been increased from 60 to 67. He said, ‘The doctor used to tell me that your will power is very high.’ ‘The family had also gone through health problems’ Rakesh Roshan also talked about the health problems of his family. He said that all the members of my family have gone through health problems. My wife was unwell during that time. My father-in-law was also ill. Sunaina also had cancer. Hrithik has also undergone brain surgery. I was sometimes disappointed, but did not always think the same things. I am not a pessimistic person. I was also lucky. Rakesh Roshan also made some revelations about his life behind him. He told that when ‘Kaho Naa Pyar Hai’ was just released, I had to get the ECG done at that time. I soon came to know that I have blockage in my veins. God is very kind to me. I never gave up and came out from all these problems.

‘Krish-4 Par Ka Hoon Kam’ director Rakesh Roshan also revealed about his upcoming films during the interview. He told that he has started work for the film Krish-4. I am working on Krish-4 but not on its script. I am re-analyzing it and making some necessary changes in it. He clearly stated that Krish-4 is my upcoming directed film. Let me tell you that actor Hrithik Roshan also confirmed last month that his father Rakesh Roshan is ready for the next film.

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