Ranveer is my Fashion Inspiration! – Deepika Padukone on Met Gala

Source: Wikimedia

Deepika Padukone says that her husband, Ranveer Singh is her Fashion inspiration. She shared this on her Instagram story, she captioned it as,’Say Wha…!’? (say what!?).

The picture shared by Deepika was worn by her for the after-party of the Met Gala Show.

In a video shared by Vogue, Deepika gets ready for the Met Show shows pictures of her hubby and talks about his fashion sense,

“That’s him. Can you see? He has this crazy sense of dressing. I think he would be actually a perfect fit for tonight’s theme. He’s the one person who would do 100% justice to the theme. But I am representing him,”

Watch Deepika getting ready for the Met Gala Here:


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