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Real Madrid is the most valued football team; its price is 29 thousand crore; Barcelona second place


  • The top-10 valued team has three football clubs, Barcelona’s team value of 27 thousand crore rupees
  • In the first place, the National Football League (US)’s Dallas Cowboys Club, its price is 35 thousand crores

Sports desk Forbes released the list of the world’s most valuable team-2015. Only three football clubs in the world can make the top 10 in the top-10. Among these two are Spain’s Real Madrid and Barcelona. The third team is England’s Manchester United. The first place is the Dallas Cowboys of the US National Football League (NFL). Its value is 35 thousand crores. Rial Madrid costs 29 thousand crores. She is third in the list. The price of Barcelona is 27 thousand crores. He is in fourth place.

This list of Forbes includes 50 teams. They do not have a single cricket team. NFL’s top 29 teams were included. Last year this number was 26. 8 teams of Major League Baseball (MLB) were given space Last year, this number is one low.

Compared to last year, there is a football team comprising 7 teams of football in the lower list. Its number is less than the previous year. Six teams from the National Basketball Association (NBA) managed to make it to the list. There were 7 teams last year.

Top-10 Valuable Team



League Value (in dollar) Value (in Indian rupees )
1 Dallas Cowboys NFL 5 billion dollars 35 thousand million approx.
2 New York Yankee MLB 4.6 billion dollars 31 thousand million approx.
3 Rial madrid La liga 4.24 billion dollars 29 thousand million approx
4 Barcelona La liga $ 4.02 billion 27 thousand million approx.
5 New york nyx NBA 4 billion dollars 27 thousand million approx.
6 Manchester United Premier League $ 3.81 billion 26 thousand million approx.
7 New England Patriots NFL 3.8 billion dollars 26 thousand million approx.
8 Los Angeles Lakers NBA 3.7 billion dollars 25 thousand million approx.
9 Golden State Warriors NBA 3.5 billion dollars 24 thousand million approx.
10 New York Giants NFL 3.3 billion dollars 22 thousand million approx.
10 Los angeles dodgers MLB 3.3 billion dollars 22 thousand million approx.

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