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Record rise in Bitcoin ATMs

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Despite the constant fluctuation in Bitcoin’s (BTC) prices, it has become evident that demand is always going up, which explains the growing number of Bitcoin ATMs exceeding 5,457 globally and setting a new record.

The data obtained by Statistica coincides with the data obtained by Coin ATM Radar’s own site. According to the latter, the number of active Bitcoin ATMs on a global scale is slightly higher than that of 5,590 which means, the number of ATMs installed have increased since Statistica conducted the research.

Why the demand?  

Analyzing the increase of Bitcoin ATMs since September 2016, one can evidently figure a 500% increase in just three years. This proves the increasing demand for BTC globally. However, some of the Bitcoin ATMs have commission rates up to 15 percent, and why people use them has become another matter of curiosity.

The answer to this question is explained as ease of use of ATMs. Because ATMs can directly convert BTC into nominal money, it saves the user from using a crypto currency exchange and then sending the nominal money to his bank account. In addition, the process is completed much faster and in seconds.


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