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Rede Globo denounces pyramid scheme disguised as financial consultancy in DF


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The program Bom dia DF, a newspaper of Rede Globo in the Federal District, published on Tuesday (26) a report that denounces an alleged financial pyramid coup. According to the images, this is the company R&M Consultoria e Aplicacoes Financeiras de Gama, an administrative region of the state.

According to the newspaper, many people are looking to the Civil Police to report the alleged coup. "There were a lot of people at the Gama police station reporting the same problem," said the reporter.

The alleged victims did not receive the profits promised by the financial consultancy. Another complaint on Facebook says that the head of the company disappeared a few days ago "harming hundreds of people".

One of the alleged victims of R&M, the report shows, prosthetic Adriano Sousa dos Santos, made the second investment after having profited from the first.

He said he then made two contracts of R $ 2 thousand each. The promise was that he would receive two installments of R $ 1,600 for each contribution, but that did not happen.

Financial pyramid table

A table showing the contributions and their respective income was also shown. It states that whoever invests R $ 1,000 receives two installments of R $ 700 back; for R $ 10 thousand, 2 x R $ 7 thousand.

The document was received by another alleged victim, the guard José Ronaldo Lacerda, who also did not receive the money back after investing R $ 1,000.

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Income table of R&M Consulting and Financial Applications. Image: Reproduction

The Glogo Network team from DF went to the place where R&M works, but found the place closed. He also tried to contact by phone, but without success.

Also according to the report, the delegate who heard the victims did not want to speak, but reported that the cases will be referred to the Coordination for the Suppression of Crimes Against Consumers, the Tax Order and Fraud (CORF).

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