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Renowned YouTuber interviews Andrew Yang; candidate hints at Bitcoin {BTC} bonuses for all


Andrew Yang is a representative of the Democratic Party of the United States. His liberal views led to the Obama Administration recognizing his talent and branding him as the “Champion of Change” roughly 7 years ago. Since then, Yang’s journey has been stormy, but he’s finally at the forefront of a Presidential Election. And in many states, he is leading against reputed figures like Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders.

His Medicare for All policy has received widespread acclaim. Yang wishes to handout “Freedom Dividends” i.e. a payout that amounts to $1,000 for all American adults. He is a vehement critic of Donald Trump and welcomes BTC donations made to his campaign.

In a new interview uploaded on Nigahiga’s channel [the guy who sang "Nice Guys Finish Last” almost a decade ago], Andrew referred to his antics on Twitter, his love for the Knicks, and answered several other crucial questions.

The Universal Basic Income model could eventually turn out to be a Universal Bitcoin Income. If this occurs, Yang will forever be revered by members within the cryptosphere. Yang also spoke about climate change and his battle against Trump, and jokingly added that he’d be upfront about the aliens which have become a cause for concern in recent times.

Check out Off the Pill #32 right here:

What does an American President represent? His people, but most importantly, the ideals that his nation chooses to uphold. With the advent of Donald Trump, the whole game changed and the world is still reeling from the shockwaves brought about by his sanctions. However, I’d still say the Americans made the correct choice by refusing to acknowledge Hillary’s leadership. That woman is a proven war criminal.

On the other hand, Andrew is a breath of fresh air. He is literate, articulate, and most importantly he seems like an ordinary guy you’d enjoy hanging out with.

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