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Ripple patent from one of the world’s largest banks! Is XRP affected?

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The cryptocurrency market and, in particular, Bitcoin (BTC) have been drawing a very moving picture for the past few months and rising with sharp reduces. Bitcoin, as well as Ethereum (ETH), also has a significant increase in the top 10, according to the press time, one of the least beneficial of this rise, Ripple’s cryptocurrency XRP seems to be.

However, Bank of America, one of the largest banks in the world and the United States, filed a patent application that uses the Ripple substructure and mentions it according to Google Patents data. The patent was published on 6 June and is primarily aimed at using Ripple’s distributed notebook technologies as a cross-bank communication tool. Bank of America aims to make transactions real-time with the use of a shared and decentralized wallet with this system.

The decentralized system, which is described in the Patent, will verify both the identity of the paying person and the identity of the person who made the payment and provides communication between the institutions. Although some parts of the patent are directly addressed to the use of Ripple’s DLT, the company’s cryptocurrency is not mentioned in the XRP.

XRP awaits demanding days

Ripple is known specifically for banks making payments within a few days and weeks through XRP in minutes, but the cryptocurrency of JP Morgan has recently been released and Facebook’s Libra is in front of XRP and In the same way.

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