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Ripple Will Surpass Bitcoin- Welson Trader

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On August 23, 2019, Ripple (XRP), the third-largest cryptocurrency with a market value, has performed better than any cryptocurrency and stock in the last decade, popular Bitcoin analyst WelsonTrader said. The cryptocurrency analyst is betting $100,000 that XRP will perform better than Bitcoin by the end of 2020.

WelsonTrader: Ripple will outperform Bitcoin!

WelsonTrader believes the XRP is the best performing cryptocurrency in the past decade. According to WelsonTrader, the crypto asset outperformed stocks. The successful analyst also said the XRP has a higher chance of globally adopting other cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin. While the crypto community is upset by the poor performance of XRP, Welson goes further and bets on the subject.

WelsonTrader wants to bet $ 100,000 with any investor that it will outperform Bitcoin by the end of the XRP 2020. WelsonTrader also revealed why he is so confident about the XRP, which has become the global digital currency. According to him, banks have controlled and manipulated financial markets for years. These financial institutions know that the cryptocurrency is the future, and as XRP is the only central digital asset, it promises banks, and so according to WelsonTrader, they will use the XRP.

On the other hand, no one has bet on WelsonTrader. Some users invited Anthony Pompliano, a managing partner at Morgan Creek Capital Management and a Bitcoin bull, to join the bet. However, Pompliano did not comment on the issue as it was during the writing. Pompliano may not have been there, but other Bitcoin bulls stepped in to defend the highest cryptocurrency, Bitcoin. However, Welson’s prediction is comparable to the prediction of Bitcoin supporter John McAffee. McAfee makes a big bet on Bitcoin and even claims that Bitcoin will see $ 1 million by 2020.

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