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Rocks like moonlight in Tamil Nadu, then made a moon-surface in Bangalore and landing the rover's landing


  • Bhaskar also held a special interaction with the director of Chandrayaan-1 and preparations for the launch of Dr. M. Annadurai, who was also involved in Chandrayaan-2 mission.

Sriharikota India’s much-awaited Chandrayaan-2 mission could not be launched Monday morning. Due to technical disturbances, ISRO has decided to stop launching at around 2 o’clock in the night. Now we are waiting for that day when we will see Chandrayaan-2 landing on the moon and the world will look towards India. Aniruddha Sharma of Dainik Bhaskar had a special dialogue with the director of Chandrayaan-1 and preparations for the launch of Dr. M. Annadurai, who was also involved in the Chandrayaan-II mission.

Dr. Annadurai said, “Chandrayaan-2 also has the same orbiter, which was in Chandrayaan-1, but after the contract with the Russian Space Agency Roskosmos broke, the ISRO had to make the lander and rover itself. The rover had to be tested, for this, there was a need to recreate the soil like the moon, the area of low gravity, the bright light on the moon and the environment, as it was. The sonated lunar soils, which is $ 150 / kg, we needed 70 tons of soil, the cost was high, then it was decided to buy some soil from America and study it and make this soil here. It was found that in Salem of Tamilnadu there are rocks of anthrocyte name, which meet the rocks present on the moon. Our team has got the rocks of Salem’s Sitampondi and Kunkakulai villages. Found that the mud which had to spend Rs 72 crores was done for free. ”

In Tamil Nadu, grinding of rocky rocks and making soil

Annadurai said, “National Institute of Technology of Trichy, Periyar University of Salem and scientists of the Indian Institute of Science of Bangalore grinded those rocks and made the Moon like soil, thereby bringing the soil into trucks, ISRO Satellite Integration and Testing Establishment, Bangalore Lie And two meters thick surface was made there, the light was kept as much as the moon. There have been thousands of times landings since 2015. The gravitational force on the moon is six times less than the Earth, so during the tasting helium balloons were installed to reduce the weight of the rover. ”

When Launching, Chandrayaan’s Journey Will Be

  • In 17 minutes, Chandrayaan will reach the Earth’s orbit : After separation from India’s most powerful rocket (Bahubali), orbiter will revolve around Earth in 16 days.
  • For the landing itself, it will choose a flat place: There is a set of censors in the lender , whether the surface of the moon is flat or not, in less than a second it determines whether the lander should have foot or not. Only then will it be landing.

Chandrayaan Launching Tolly 57 Minutes ago

Chandrayaan Mission – 2 was to be launched from Satyash Dhawan Launching Pad 2 in Sriharikota, 2.51 am, but countdowndown was stopped 56 minutes 24 seconds before the due time due to technical disturbances. The new date for its launch will be announced later. In addition to President Ramnath Kovind, seven thousand people reached Sriharikota to see the launch. ISRO tweeted at 2:37 pm and told that “there was no technical disturbance in the launch vehicle on T-56 minutes. As a precaution, the launch of Chandrayaan-2 is being kept for today. The new launch date will be announced later. Scientists also congratulated that in time ISRO got disturbed and avoided launching.

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