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Ronaldo Silva, who promoted pyramids, has YouTube channel deleted


Youtuber Ronaldo Silva in one of the videos in which he praises the cryptocurrency CashHand.
(Photo: Reproduction)

Youtuber Ronaldo Silva said on Monday (20) that his channel – Ronaldo RS – was the target of a hacker attack during the last night. The channel, however, may have been deleted by the Google platform itself.

“We suffered a hacker attack. They tried to steal my computer's bitcoins and managed to hack my YouTube account. My access to my YouTube account has been removed ”, said in audio played by another YouTube channel, Seu Dinheiro.

Silva stated that the problem occurred after using an application to perform lives, without mentioning which one. He also has yet to disclose the alleged hacker's requests.

“Unfortunately, all my videos were lost, my channel was closed. I will try to recover, but I am not sure if I will succeed ”, added Silva.

However, it is likely that the channel was deleted for violating YouTube policies, which prohibit disclosure of financial schemes.

Whoever clicks on an old video link, the message that appears is: “This video is no longer available because the YouTube account associated with this video has been closed”.

When the account is just hidden, you can still view the profile on the video network controlled by Google.

The youtuber says that he will publish again the videos that he has saved in another channel, also owned by him, which will remain as a new official address if the previous one is not recovered.

The original YouTube address that contained Ronaldo Silva's videos returns the message that “the channel does not exist”. Before the exclusion, he had at least 176 thousand subscribers.

The report contacted Ronaldo Silva for more details about the attack and is awaiting a return.

Cloudy past

In the comments on the post on the Seu Dinheiro channel there are several references to Silva's participation in the MMM Brasil financial pyramid, which was also highlighted by Bitcoin Portal in early April.

Silva's practice of investing – and encouraging followers to do the same – in pre-launch digital currencies is also the target of questions from followers and ex-followers of the youtuber.

One of Silva's most recent videos on the wholesale channel dated April 11 and referred to a new cryptocurrency about to be launched, IndexChain. The youtuber said that one of its practices was to invest in digital assets in pre-launch to try to make money at the time of launch. The practice, known as “pump and dump, aims to make a profit on a possible valuation of cryptocurrency.

Video of Ronaldo Silva's channel that went down after the hacker attack he says he suffered.
(Photo: Reproduction)

Another currency recently promoted by Silva, entitled to a live dedicated to her, is CashHand, which was scheduled for launch in late March. The asset is already listed on the CoinMarketCap platform, at a price of $ 0.001618 (or 0.00000023 BTC).

When asked about the promotion of cryptocurrencies that have no value, Ronaldo Silva said that he discloses the projects with which he sympathizes, but that the investment in crypto “is of high risk”. Shortly thereafter, however, the youtuber deleted the videos that mentioned CashHand from the air.

In addition to cryptocurrency applications, Ronaldo Silva also sells courses on bitcoin investment, the “Secrets of Bitcoin”.

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