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SBT soap opera character creates cryptocurrency and suffers hacker attack


Businessman Roger (Otavio Martins) plays the role of villain in the booklet As Aventuras de Poliana (Photo: Reproduction / SBT)

The growing popularity of cryptocurrencies already leads the subject to appear even in Brazilian television soap operas. It happened in the children's story “As Aventuras de Poliana”, shown by SBT.

“Today is the day on which we implemented‘ 11Coin ’,” said businessman Roger (Otavio Martins), in a chapter that aired last Monday (06). The character is described as "unscrupulous" and "thirsty for power".

According to Roger, the cryptocurrency will be the company's flagship and should be used to purchase any item within its platform.

Asked by secretary Cláudia (Letícia Cannavale), about the client having to buy the cryptocurrency to buy items, Roger replies harshly:

“It turns out that our cryptocurrency is something much bigger. If it works, our currency could become the official virtual currency of Brazil. It is the future, gentlemen, and it is 11 that must determine the future ”, he concluded.

According to the synopsis available on the soap opera's website, the company that owns the cryptocurrency will suffer a hacker attack.

SBT Novel

Exhibited by SBT since May 2018, “As Aventuras de Poliana” is a story adapted by Silvio Santos's wife, writer Iris Abravanel, from the books “Pollyanna” (1913) and ‘Pollyana Moça’, by Eleanor H. Porter. It is shown from Monday to Friday from 20h50min.

According to the SBT synopsis, Poliana is a child who will live with her aunt after her mother's death and her father's hospitalization due to an accident.

At just 11 years old, and with the help of the “happy game”, he goes through many adventures to make his dreams come true. The game is basically to find, in everything, something to be happy, no matter what.

“As Aventuras de Poliana” is expected to extend until 2021. The chapters on display still feature scenes with actress Larissa Manoela, who left the cast at the end of 2019.

See the chapter of the novel below:

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