Season Finale- the Big Bang theory ends its run! No more “bazinga!”

The famous comedy series ended its run this thursday after completing 12 seasons and  279 episodes!

The very emotional finale had revealed big news and tied up loose ends!

The Big Bang theory started airing from September 24, 2007 and had tastes success in being on eof the most watched prime time comedy shows for most of its air time!

It is supposed to have generated atlleast $1 billion and counting in syndication!

The show has also got 10 Emmy wins along with 52 nominations. It has also got 7 golden Globe Nominations, along with a spin-off sequel – “Young Sheldon”.

Co-creator Chuck Lorre said:-“It feels not like a finale so much as a transition. Life goes on. We’re leaving them, they’re not leaving us. We’re not blowing the show up at the end. We’re just moving away,”

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