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Seyfedin Ammus and Adam Beck will speak at 2019 Bitcoin conference in Riga


On September 14-15, the third international bitcoin conference Baltic Honeybadger will be held in Riga, Latvia.

Baltic Honeybadger is one of the most important global events in the Bitcoin industry.

Altcoins, ICO or corporate blockchain solutions are not discussed here; instead, visitors are waiting for discussions about the further development of the first cryptocurrency and technologies like the Lightning Network, security, investment, trading and regulation of the industry.

According to the organizers, the aim of Baltic Honeybadger is to create a platform for communication and networking between the community and experts from various fields – heads of companies and start-ups, engineers, developers, traders, and best-selling authors.

During the two years of its existence, the most famous and sincerely devoted Bitcoin enthusiasts from around the world — Andreas Antonopoulos, Elizabeth Stark, Adam Beck, Peter Todd, Tour Demeester, Jamonos Lopp, Ton Weiss, Giacomo Zucco, Eric Lombroso, and others — performed on the conference scene.

The composition of the participants of the Baltic Honeybadger this year promises to be impressive. So, among the speakers stated:

  • Ceyfedin Ammus, author of The Bitcoin Standard: The Decentralized Alternative to Central Banking
  • Adam Beck, CEO Blockstream
  • Jeremy Welch, CEO of Casa
  • Jimmy Song, creator of the Programming Blockchain educational program, Bitcoin developer, educator
  • Sergey Kotlyar, CEO Bitrefill
  • Rodolfo Novak, OpenDime
  • Pavol Rusnak, CTO SatoshiLabs
  • Max Kaiser, Keiser Report show host on RT, co-founder of Heisenberg Capital
  • Murad Makhmudov, analyst, partner of Adaptive Capital cryptocurrency hedge fund
  • Adam Fichor, lead developer of Wasabi Wallet
  • Nicholas Dorier, BTCPay Server
  • Alex Bosworth, lead infrastructure developer, Lightning Labs, CEO of

“If in previous years the conference was focused on discussing more technical issues, then this time we expect that more attention will be paid to the business side of the industry. There will be many economists, there will be speeches about the development of bitcoin projects, there will be discussions about social and educational aspects. But, of course, we will not ignore technology, especially the Lightning Network”

–  say the conference organizers.

You can purchase tickets and get acquainted with the program on the Baltic Honeybadger 2019 website .

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