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Shabana told Azmi, leave India, hurting Javed Akhtar

Recently, a statement from actress Shabana Azmi was seen to be very big. He said during a program, “If someone in today’s time criticizes the government, then it is considered ‘anti-national’. After this statement Shabana Azmi had to face tremendous opposition to the social media. Shabana also gave a trick to the trollers, but the trollers still did not get back. Now, in the support of Shabana Azmi, husband Javed Akhtar has landed. They have used quite a rude language in anger for such trolls. Such a move of Javed Akhtar may have rarely seen before.Actually, it has happened that after being disturbed by the trolls on social media, Shabana Azmi wrote in a funny manner, “Such a ruckus about my remarks? I did not know that I hold so much importance in the eyes of the right wing. Shaving my head for Deepa Mehta’s film ‘Water’, the fatwa was issued by Muslim extremists against me, on which Javed Akhtar responded, keep quiet. ‘ He further wrote – “I want to remind people that my father, Kaifi Azmi, who was in power in the Congress, had given his Padma Shri honor when a UP leader had said that those who sought Urdu language status Black should rotate on the ass’ In response to Shabana’s tweet, a user talked about leaving India from them. The user wrote, “There is no pain in Kashmir, there is no pain in them, Bengal is killing, there is no pain in them, temples have been demolished in Delhi, they do not hurt, but their relative # terrorists die if they die. Why do not you leave the fucking India? Javed Akhtar, who was badly hit on this user’s tweet, wrote, “When our father-in-law was bleeding for freedom of the country, then your father’s grandfather was licking the English’s shoes. What do you have to do with the thief of criminals, that you tell us to leave our country? ‘ This tweet shows that Javed Akhtar would have been very angry, then he used such strong words.

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