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Silicon Valley Legend wants us to get ready for an Explosive growth in XRP


The Bitcoin bull and billionaire investor- Tim Draper says that the XRP price is quiet before the storm. Also, the investor estimates that explosive growth in the XRP is close.

Tim Draper: “explosive growth” at Ripple

Tim Draper was asked by a user at XRP’s quora forum about when the cryptocurrency would reach its highest profit. The billionaire investor answered the user’s question, saying that the XRP price will soon experience an ‘explosive growth’. Tim Draper- a leading investor and Bitcoin bull, looks excited with the current Ripple expansion. Looking at his words, Tim Draper says that the XRP will rise in the short term and the current price trend is silence before the storm. Tim Draper adds,

“If we look at the three times growth of Bitcoin in the last five months, a similar result can be expected from XRP.”   

The billionaire investor Draper, known as the “Silicon Valley Legend”, spoke of the consequences of Ripple’s expansion and the recent partnerships with crypto money, saying that XRP should already be over $0.6 or even more than $0.9.

All developments point to silence before storm- Draper

Tim Draper says,

“The company is actively developing, expanding its scope, providing support from major financial institutions and continuously improving its transfer technology. Also, Ripple is owned by SBI- a major partnership with companies such as R3. Everything shows that the current situations is just silence before the storm and that explosive growth is imminent.”

The CEO of Ripple- Brad Garlinghouse, decided to expand his presence to Washington DC to be closer to the regulators. In addition to extending his arms to Washington, he joined the Ripple Blockchain Association. He says,

“We focus on maintaining dialogue with Washington regulators and policy makers, and being a resource will always makes us easily accessible.”


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