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Soon you’ll be able to pay for Pornhub memberships using Dash; Vice President of UTRUST to be a keynote speaker at the Convention


Dash was previously known as Darkcoin. The hallmarks of this venture include Optional Privacy [via the use of the PrivateSend feature], Chainlocks [which effectively repels 51% attacks and enhances security], transactions that can be settled in an instant [check out InstaSend], and nodes which can let one earn cryptocurrencies while upholding decentralization [one can own a whole Masternode, or a section of it].

PumaPay has various clients who dwell in the world of adult entertainment. The CEO of PumaPay Yoav Dror spoke of “Pornhub, Gamma Entertainment and LiveJasmine” and mentioned their association with 33 other industry “giants” during the latest interview conducted by Forbes. PumaPay offers organizations in multiple fields a chance when banks turn them down due to “high risk”.

Yoav highlighted ” flexibility, speed, cost savings, and transparency” as the main benefits of using the services offered by PumaPay. Transactions transpiring via their platform are essentially free, although a minute amount of “gas fee” which is paid to the Ethereum chain plays a small role.

Following the Dash integration, PumaPay has promised to add various other cryptocurrencies in the span of the next few months. This will facilitate mass adoption and arouse institutional interest. DASH and PumaPay may band together for greater adventures in the future.

Dash is ranked at #16 under TRON and Huobi Token on coinmarketcap. The price surged at a rate of 5.03% in a matter of hours. This brought DASH all the way up to $86.77 where it currently holds. The total market cap of Dash is $784.051 million, while the trading volume recorded is $239.061 million.

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