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Sooraj Pancholi told who is better actor in Papa Aditya Pancholi and mother Zarina Wahab

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new Delhi. Four years after Hero, Sooraj Pancholi’s film ‘Satellite Shankar’ is going to be released on this Friday. Sooraj had a special conversation with News18 Hindi about this film. After Hero it took you four years to choose Satellite Shankar, why? I was looking for a good and emotional film. I had to do a military role for a long time. When my search was complete, I did this film. Why were you looking for the role of military? What part of your army makes you happy? Have you taken any training to become a soldier? No no. This is not a military war. This is a military that connects the whole country. He has taken leave to meet his mother. But he again gets engaged in other work for the sake of the country. To know whether you can meet your mother or not, you will have to watch the film. Your character Shankar looks like a bubbly soldier from the trailer. Is this inspired by Chulbul Pandey? No no. (Laughs) This character is going to connect the country. Shankar is not a soldier who fights a lot for the country. This is a military for which the country fights. He comes on leave to meet his mother. But is he able to meet his mother due to being stuck in other works? Immediately, he has to go for the military oath. Will that soldier be able to reach the oath once again? This is a must see in theaters.

The music audience of Satellite Shankar likes it. The music of your previous film was a big hit. Salman himself sang a song for your film. Are you careful about music or is it happening on your own? Yes, Salman Sir sang. (Laughs) But it is happening on its own. Arijit Singh and Mithun also have songs in the film. People like it People are also liking the song ‘Jai Hey’. I like songs Perhaps that’s why good songs are being received. Suraj is both your mother and father. Do they get any tips for acting?

Dad no, yes my mother definitely gives me many kinds of tips. Probably because in my house, I believe that my mother is a better actor than Dad. Today she will see my film. I am waiting to see what she says after watching the film. Will you go for the promotion of the film in Bigg Boss? May we go on the 9th! Not fixed yet. I have a birthday on the 9th Maybe we will go there Watch the full video interview of Suraj Pancholi here Do you like romance or action? I like romance more. (Showing muscles)

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