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Stable currency of the Japanese yen, why the price fluctuates?Expert commentary in 10 minutes


Why are stable coins volatile?Explain the reason

The stable coin “GYEN”, which is pegged to the Japanese yen, which was listed for the first time by the major cryptocurrency exchange Binance, attracted a lot of attention.

GYEN is the world’s first New York State Department of Financial Services (NYDFS) issued by Trust Company, Inc. (GMO Trust), a consolidated company of GMO Internet Co., Ltd., which develops a virtual currency exchange business in Japan. Stable coin linked to Japanese yen approved by. The start of Japanese Yen-denominated transactions is expected to improve the convenience of users who want to trade Japanese Yen-denominated transactions in the global market, in addition to the advantages of remittance speed and low fees.

On the other hand, as of 13th, one day after the start of trading, GYEN’s trading has been suspended on Binance.

The reason is that the price of stable coin, a virtual currency designed to achieve stable prices, has fluctuated significantly. In yen-based stable coin transactions designed to be 1 yen, contracts are made at a price of over 100 yen at one time. After that, the price fluctuated.

Why does the price of stable coins fluctuate in this “CONNECTV News 10-minute commentary” delivered with CoinPost and a new economy? We released a video explaining in 10 minutes to Mr. Noritaka Okabe, President of Japan Cryptocurrency Market Co., Ltd., which issues Japanese Yen-linked stable coin JPYC, which is treated as a prepaid payment method.

Why did the price fluctuate even though it was a stable coin? I will approach the reason.

Click here for video: 10 minutes commentary

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Author: S.Ninomiya

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