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Stake TERN on BlockCard for 6.38% crypto back on all VISA spend


In recent weeks a VISA card made by blockchain company Ternio has been grabbing headlines across major crypto publications.  Their BlockCard is a crypto card that enables you to easily deposit cryptocurrency and spend it like a traditional debit card from a bank.  You create a Blockcard account, deposit several top cryptocurrencies, and spend.   BlockCard offers cool features like virtual and plastic cards, Apple or Google pay support, and the ability to deposit cash on the card at Walmart or other merchants.

However, the most impressive feature is unlimited (yes, unlimited) crypto back rewards – at 6.38%.  That is the highest reward number of ANY crypto cards on the market.   The rewards are paid in TERN (Ternio’s cryptocurrency) and because the card allows you to spend TERN, the rewards are as good as cash.  You can use BlockCard at any merchant that accepts VISA or also most ATMs to withdraw cash.  Like any crypto, you can also withdraw from your BlockCard account and keep in cold storage if you see the value of TERN increasing in the future. 

The Rewards program works like this:

  1. Create your BlockCard account
  2. Deposit any of the support cryptocurrencies
  3. Click the “rewards” tab and then select a percentage
  4. Confirmation is instant and then you can start spending

TERN Rewards Table:

30,000 TERN 1% Rewards
57,500 TERN 2% Rewards
82,000 TERN 3% Rewards
105,000 TERN 4% Rewards
120,000 TERN 5% Rewards
145,000 TERN 6% Rewards

The TERN token is currently $0.008, so getting the highest rewards will only cost you approximately $1,200 or 0.12 BTC.  It’s currently the best rate in terms of cost to stake and percentage back to the user, compared to any other crypto cards currently available.  The stake lasts in 30 days cycles so you only need to stake for a short amount of time to take advantage of these rewards.

Source: BlockCard

BlockCard is a great demonstration of the use case of the TERN token.  Plus TERN is part of the Stellar ecosystem which means the time for peer to peer wallet transfers is near-instantaneous.  Using TERN without a BlockCard is still easy and functional. 

Once your stake is complete you can start spending and you will be automatically credited back on all of your purchases.  If you stake 145,000 TERN (at a rate of $0.008) and spend $20,000 on BlockCard, then your stake has paid for itself.   

$20,000 * 6% = $1,200

145,000 TERN * $0.008 = $1,200

You will also earn TERN rewards on your rewards.  This means you can take your $1,200 in TERN and spend it on the card, yielding another $72.  Anyone can create an account, but currently, only US citizens can get the BlockCard.  A banner on their website also said 31 European countries would be open soon for the card.   

You can sign up for BlockCard at

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