Stand-up comedian trolls Modi on twitter

Pragya Singh Thakur who is the candidate of BJP made a controversial remark about Nathuram Godse by calling him a patriot. However, she later apologized for the statement following negative reactions from her own party. But people aren’t done yet.

All over India, including those in Bollywood who still have a backbone, are now condemning this vile statement. Now a stand-up comedian named Kunal Kamra has targeted the Prime Minister

While conversing with an NDTV associate during a roadshow in the Malwa city, Thakur had uttered the words praising Nathuram. This question was raised because BJP leaders in the country have incessantly attacked Kamal Haasan for speaking the truth. An apology was demanded, even eggs were thrown at him at Aravakurichi. Is this our Incredible India?

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