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State will pay defense of Leidimar Lopes, creator of Unick accused of fraud of R $ 12 billion


Leidimar Lopes, the creator of the company accused of being a criminal organization

Judge Karine da Silva Cordeiro, from the 7th Federal Court of Porto Alegre, appointed public defender Fabio Carboni Ceccon to defend Leidimar Lopes, defendant in the Unick Forex case, according to Gaúcha ZH.

Leidimar, who already had a lawyer – from the Nelson Wilians Fratoni Rodrigues office – had informed the court that he had no money to pay for the defense.

The suspicion at the time was that his defenders had given up on defending him. When searched for by Bitcoin Portal, the office preferred not to raise the matter.

New defense from Leidimar

In early May, the judge had dispatched information on Leidimar's situation. In the document, the information that Lopes contacted the Secretariat and said that he had no money to hire lawyers.

Wanted by the report of the Gaucho ZH, Ceccon said that the Criminal Procedure Code does not allow the defendant to remain without a defender, even if he is a defendant with financial resources.

According to the public defender, the Public Defender's Office (DPU) does not have confirmation of Leidimar's allegation and it is not up to the agency to find out if his quote is true.

However, he said, if it is proven that he has the financial means to hire a lawyer, the DPU may ask the court to set fees for the institution's Refit Fund.

According to the report, when asked about the merits of the defense, Ceccon preferred not to speak up.

Nelson Wilians Office

At the time of Judge Karine Cordeiro's dispatch information, the Bitcoin Portal contacted the Nelson Wilians Fratoni Rodrigues office to confirm whether the contract with Leidimar was terminated.

In response, the press office. said that “the Nelson Wilians office will not speak out”.

Association repudiated Leidimar Lopes' request

Also according to Gaúcha, the Association for the Defense of Investor Rights at Unick rejected Leidimar's request. Demetrius Teixeira, a lawyer for the organization, said that evidence points to the fact that Leidimar does have assets to support the defense.

In provisional release since April, Leidimar Lopes is accused of commanding one of the biggest financial pyramid scams ever applied in Brazil. The loss to investors can reach R $ 28 billion.

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