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Summary of exchange platforms for initial exchange offering (IEO)

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The main IEO platforms at the time of writing are as follows:

[1] Binance Launchpad The IEO sparked binance, the world’s largest exchange. Key IEOs so far include              Bread(BRD), Gifto (GTO), BitTorrent (BTT), and Celer Network (CELR).

[2] Huobi Prime is a Singapore-based exchange and one of the world’s leading exchanges. The major        IEO so far include TOP Network.

[3] Coineal Launchpad Coineal is an emerging exchange established in 2018. IPW tokens, Levolution           (LEVL) and other major IEO’s so far.
Yee-yee-hsien-hsien-hsien-hsien-hsien-hsien This is a side project of Some of the major IEOs on the emerging exchanges launched in 2018 include V Systems®VSYS_AND Kamari_KAM_

(5) Bittrex is a well-known exchange that exists for a long time. RAID (XRD) and others are the main IEO so far.

(6) BitMax BitMax is one of the most prominent exchanges launched in 2018. We have acquired a large amount of liquidity in the mechanism of trade mining and reverse mining.

(7) Bgogo is characterized by the fact that exchange tokens have a governance participant in emerging exchanges. Key IEO’s include Armors (ARM) and X-Block (IXB).

(8) ProBit is also one of the emerging exchanges. The major IEO so far are Spin Protocol( SPIN), CharS (CHARS), and WeGen (WGC).

[9] KuCoin Spotlight KuCoin is a Hong Kong-based exchange. The major IEO so far are MultiVAC (MTV).

(10) ExMarkets is a relatively recent exchange with more than 10 types of IEOs.
The Relationship between IEO Projects and Exchanges

In this way, the smaller the exchange, the more noticeable is that the projects that are small and without quality are IEO. Of course, the project site of the IEO also has the circumstances that many token holders want to buy tokens at the highest possible price on exchanges with more liquidity.

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