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Sundar Pichai predicts the Finals of World Cup 2019!!! #CWC2019 #GoogleCEO

Google CEO, Sundar Pichai, has predicted that the ICC World Cup 2019 (World Cup 2019 Final) will be played between India and hosts England and he wants Virat Kohli-led team to do well and become the winner. Terming himself an obsessive cricket fan, 46-year-old Pichai said that when he came to the United States he found baseball a bit challenging. 

Team India has played two matches in the World Cup and were successful on both the matches. Both team India and England are considered to be the strongest contenders for the World Cup.

Pichai said at USIBC’s India Ideaise Summit,

“This (the ICC World Cup Final) should be between England and India. But Australians and New Zealand teams are also very good.”

He was answering the question of USIBC President Nisha Desai Biswal when he had asked, ‘Who you think the final match will be between?’

Pichai shared some of his experience of cricket and baseball in America. He said, “When I came here for the first time, I tried a hand in baseball. My point is that it was a little challenging. In my first match I was happy that I had hit the ball back. It was a really good shot in but people did not appreciate it.”

Pachai said, “When you run for runs in cricket, if you keep the bat together, then I also had to run with my bat in baseball. So in the end, I realized that baseball is a little challenging. I can reconcile with many things but my love for cricket will always remain.”

He further said, “World Cup cricket is going on. This is the best tournament. I am hoping for good performance from India but there are so many things at stake.”

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