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Suspected militia members arrested after kidnapping accused of financial pyramid in Maceió


Weapons were found with the kidnappers (Photo: Military Police)

The charge for an investment of R $ 250 thousand in a financial pyramid scheme led to the kidnapping of a businessman in Maceió (AL). And the perpetrators of the crime, caught in the act, are father-in-law and son-in-law and suspected of joining militias in Rio de Janeiro. The case was solved by the Alagoas police last Sunday (24).

According to the Gazeta Web portal, an anonymous tip informed police officers about the kidnapping of a man in the lower part of Maceió and that family members were trying to track down the victim's cell phone.

From the location accused by the device, the police arrived at a motel nearby. At the scene they found the victim and the perpetrators of the crime.

The businessman, who did not have his identity revealed, had a black fabric over his head and his arms were pulled back with a type of seal known as "choke-cat".

Also according to Gazeta Web, the crime suspects are from Rio de Janeiro. They are the deputy of the Fire Department Carlos Valerio Gonçalves do Amaral, 58, and his son-in-law Igor Ferreira Coimbra, 32, who acts as a municipal guard. The prosecution asked the Justice to convert the prisons in flagrante delicto to preventive detention.

At the scene of the crime, firearms and ammunition were also found, material used for the kidnapping and a “dossier” containing information on the life of the victim and his family, as well as a script of questions to be asked of the abductee.

There was also a plan to be followed after the kidnapping, which included finding a partner of the victim in Barra de São Miguel, a city next to Maceió.

Liaison with militias

The connection of criminal suspects with militia activities in Rio de Janeiro is also investigated – one of the reasons for the request for pre-trial detention.

According to the prosecution's report, the victim said he was leaving his home with his girlfriend when, at the corner, his car was locked by another vehicle. A hooded man descended from him, who identified himself as a police officer and said he was being arrested for fraud and financial pyramid. The victim also said that the car where he was placed was driven by a man and that he was shown an arrest warrant.

From the description and the detainees, it can be assumed that Amaral drove the vehicle used in the crime, while Coimbra was responsible for approaching the victim.

“They were arrested in the act, although they do not confess all the terms for which they were arrested, extortion through kidnapping, but we have no doubt about it. There are some things that we still need to clarify. It has been resolved, but we intend to hear a couple of people before concluding and sending the inquiry to justice, ”said José Carlos dos Santos, chief of the Civil Police Anti-Sequestration and Cyber ​​Crimes Section.

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