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The Evolution of Token Wallets: PrimeToken

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The trend of token wallets has increased tremendously over the past month, and this increase is unlikely to end soon. Securing cryptocurrencies in wallets with the most up-to-date blockchain technology has now become one of the most current trends.

What makes these wallets different from others?

In an ordinary hot or online wallet, users often store several Bitcoins (BTCs). Stored BTCs do not act in any way and do not provide any increase in themselves or interest yield. Moreover, the user is not the owner of his private keys in such wallets, and a possible loss could mean the loss of all crypto money.

Prime Token was designed to solve this problem. Prime Token aims to solve many of the most common wallet problems, including a very modern and secure mobile wallet that includes both double encryption and many other security factors (see white paper for more information).

Prime Token is developed with artificial intelligence technology with a software algorithm that allows you to trade more than 70 positions per second. In this way, artificial intelligence is able to detect even small price movements that the human eye can never perceive and perform transactions for the benefit of the user.

The name of this artificial intelligence technology, which gives investors a monthly gain of between 5% and 12%, has been identified as EPOS. EPOS’s earnings to the investor will be transferred to the investor with the company’s own token PRIME. Due to the many advantages and high demand it offers, the value of PRIME tokens will also continuously increase significantly. Prime Token has another unique feature that will provide a continuous increase in value.

When sending a PRIME token from one person to another, the transaction fees required will automatically be incurred by the algorithm after the transaction is completed. This type of continuous but small token burning process will further reduce the maximum supply of 100 million, ensuring a continuous increase in value. Of course, a significant reduction in token supply needs to take a lot of action, but it is clear that this unique feature will ensure a continuous growth or at least balance for the token within a certain period of time. The number of tokens to be burned will be limited to a maximum of 50 million pieces and the token burning function will be stopped after this amount is reached.

PRIME’s features are not limited to this, and the token has a few more features that will increase the heartbeat of cryptocurrency investors. PRIME is equipped with state-of-the-art technology, the ERC-20 blockchain network, full anonymity, and security, as well as a system that is more than just ”profitable”. This feature and PRIME’s difference from other tokens and wallets are waiting to be read in a white paper. The white paper is available on the website in both Russian and English. Prime Token will meet investors in September 2019.

Disclaimer - OBN is an informational website which aims to give the latest blockchain related news to the readers. Articles on OBN should not be considered as investment advice. Trading cryptocurrencies is a high-risk investment, every user is advised to consult an expert before making any decisions.