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The only solution for improving our earth, one tree-one life


  • On World Nature Conservation Day, Bhaskar Group is launching ‘One Tree-One Life’ campaign from across the country today.
  • Our colleague of this campaign is wonder cement and

Do you know that we take 740 kg of oxygen in a year? A tree creates about 100 kg of oxygen in one year. That is, in one year we are taking oxygen out of 7 to 8 trees. If we get life from the tree, then it is our turn to do duties towards him. For this, Bhaskar is starting plantation campaign at 3 different levels …

Planting 12,000 Bhaskar’s Companions in Their Homes Planting Today ‘One Tree-One Life’ will be started from Dainik Bhaskar Group’s plant in all 360 offices and printing plants in 12 states of the country. Along with this, 12,000 partners of Dainik Bhaskar will also be involved in the campaign by planting a plant in their homes. It will also motivate your family and neighbors for it.

Planting the society on the district level

Bhaskar is giving the initiative of ‘One Tree-One Life’ to more people this year. Under this we will plant all the sections of the society in different cities of the district, such as residential colonies, police stations, schools, colleges, universities, hospitals, large religious places, office premises etc. for two months.

200 rupees for the reader family Plant only in 51

For every member of the Dakshin Bhaskar’s readers’ family, it can be a part of this campaign, for this, Bhaskar is making a special initiative, under which each reader is a plant whose value is Rs. 200 It is more than Rs. 51 Can give a home by giving it. Bhaskar will pay the remaining amount from his foundation. You will find the plant with gum and soil, which you can prepare in just two minutes and put it in the house. You can order plants by logging in at This facility will be available from July 28 to September 30. Every reader family is requested to organize a plant and plant it in his house and fulfill his responsibility for nature.

One tree is worth 30 lakhs in one year. Gives oxygen

  • One tree gives services of 5 million rupees in 50 years of life. The cost of oxygen every year is about Rs 30 lakh. is.
  • However, about 1500 million trees are cut off every year in the world. While imposed on 521 million That is, just one-third new trees.
  • If every person in the world has just planted two trees, they will save the earth from the loss of about Rs 310 lakh crore every year.

Campaign assistant

  • wonder cement

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