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The President approved three divorce bills, 10 bill passes so far in the first parliamentary session of Modi Government-2


  • All 10 bills were passed in the 17th Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha, near President Ramnath Kovind
  • Three Divorce bills were special in the House; 99 in the Rajya Sabha and 84 votes against the bill

new Delhi. So far 10 bills have been passed in the first parliamentary session of Prime Minister Narendra Modi-led NDA government-2. After passing the 17th Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha, all these bills have been sent to President Ramnath Kovind. After the signature of the President, this bill will become law. After returning from Gambia on Thursday, Kovind also approved the grant of three divorces (Muslim woman-marriage rights protection) bill.

Three divorce bills have become a law after the President’s approval. Now the person convicted of giving three divorce will be sentenced to 3 years. Suffering women will be able to demand livelihood for themselves and minor children.

Opposition had opposed the bill Walkout: In all these three divorced bills i.e. Muslim women (marriage rights protection) Bill 2019 have been special. Three divorce bills were passed on Tuesday in the Upper House of Parliament in the Rajya Sabha. During voting in the Rajya Sabha, 99 votes in favor of the bill and 84 votes in the opposition. This bill had passed from the Lok Sabha on July 25. The opposition, who opposed the three divorced bills, walked out of the Lok Sabha.

These are 10 bills that passed in both the houses of Parliament.

  • 1. Muslim Women (Marriage Rights Protection) Bill 2019
  • 2. Indian Medical Council (Amendment) Bill, 2019
  • 3. Company (Amendment) Bill, 2019
  • 4. Restrictions on Irregular Deposit Schemes, Bill 2019
  • 5. Jammu and Kashmir Reservation (Amendment) Bill
  • 6. Base and Other Laws (Amendment) Bill, 2019
  • 7. New Delhi International Arbitration Center Bill, 2019
  • 8. Homeopathy Center Council (Amendment) Bill, 2019
  • Special Economic Zone (Amendment) Bill, 2019
  • 10. Central Educational Institutions (Reservation in Cadres of Teachers) Bill, 2019

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