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“The use of cryptocurrencies will increase over time”

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In an interview recently, Coinbase CEO talked about the impact of Facebook’s digital currency project on the crypto-currency industry.

One of the largest companies in the crypto-currency industry, Coinbase’s CEO, Brian Armstrong, recently gave a new interview. During this interview, Armstrong made some comments about Facebook’s digital money Project Libra.

Some of the names in the crypto-currency sector would be negative for the Libra project sector, and Libra would generally have a bad impact on the market. But Armstrong is not one of those names. So, according to Armstrong, the Libra project will increase the popularity of cryptocurrencies and allow more people to use cryptocurrencies over time.

Long journey

Armstrong also spoke about general situations in the crypto-currency sector during his interview and talked about regulators around the world about their views on cryptocurrencies.

People don’t take cryptocurrencies very seriously in time, and now that they’re closely following cryptocurrencies, Armstrong says:

“People are afraid of cryptocurrencies, they even see cryptocurrencies as toys and laugh. Now they want to block the crypto-currencies. But over time, they will see the potential of cryptocurrencies and start using cryptocurrencies. “

Considering that this process may also apply to regulators, Armstrong believes that the regulators should be given information about cryptocurrencies. According to Armstrong, if the names in the crypto-currency sector regularly meet with regulators, cryptocurrencies may become more “legal”.

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