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The Weekly BAT + Podcast Episode 11 is out! Brave R&D team moves forward with zkSense, Brave now supports IPFS


Basic Attention Token is positioned at #30 in the market and is one of the few altcoins be remain under the influence of buyers. The price rose at a rate of 2.98% in the course of the past 24-hours; this brought BAT all the way up to $0.197734 where it currently rests. The trading volume noted stands at approximately $23.013 million, while the supply has 1,350,250,672 BAT tokens in play for now. The total market cap of Basic Attention Token is $266.990 million.

The Research and Development Team associated with Brave has unveiled zkSense which is a spectacular privacy-preserving mechanism to be used primarily for bot detection on smartphones. With the help of device sensors like the gyroscope and the accelerometer, zkSense can measure the device’s moving patterns and understand whether a human or a bot is interacting with an app.

The results presented are highly accurate, as zkSense can even pick-up artificial device movements; by using zero-knowledge proofs ensures that only a remote server records an action initiated by a human or a bot. Dr. Johnny Ryan, the Chief Policy & Industry Relations Officer at Brave, and Dr. Orla Lynskey of the London School of Economics have addressed a letter to the Competition and Markets Authority [in the UK]. This document examines the corporate crimes committed by dominant digital companies who misuse their position in order to create cascading monopolies.

Cross-using data for nefarious purposes is a common occurrence when it involves major organizations. Even Twitter [whose CEO is a big fan of Bitcoin] uses targeted advertising when data was originally collected for two-factor authentication. Those at Brave hopes that European governments uphold the regulations necessary for strong privacy protection.

Brave Dev latest update: v0.71.90
Brave Beta latest update: v0.70.112

Brave has around 7.9 million users every month; this is a new milestone for this privacy-focused browser which lets one award content creators on the web with BAT tokens. A privacy meetup is scheduled to take place on November 14th this year, in London. Johnny Ryan would be present at this gathering.

The Brave browser has finally added support for IPFS [InterPlanetary File System].

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