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The world's first dog, remote control, understands with vibration.


  • Israel’s Ben-Guernian University Prepares Remote Systems
  • To reach the remote vibration of the dog, a special jacket has been worn for it.

Happy Life Desk Dogs can now be controlled remotely. Israel’s Ben-Gourian University has prepared a system that sends messages to the dog through vibration. Tai is the world’s first dog on which it has been used. Compared to Tai voice, Vibration sent from the device understands the language much better and easier.

Dogs will be able to control even if not in front

  1. Tai’s age is 6 years. This is Labrador and German Shepherd’s Crossbied. To understand human beings, it was worn by a special type of jacket. Vibration is generated from sensors engaged in it, which acts like a language for him. It tells him what his master is asking to do.


  2. Researchers claim, the dog control system will prove to be better for those who can not move or the animal is not in front of their eyes. This system will also be better for dogs joining the Military and Rescue missions.


  3. According to researchers, 4 small vibration buttons have been installed on the back and sides of the jacket worn. Every button has different meaning. They send alerts through the vibrate button from the remote to jump, come down, come closer, and go back. For this, they were given training according to different buttons.


  4. Professor of Robotics Library at the University. According to Aamir Shepiro, so far the research has revealed that dogs expect better communication than vibrate, rather than speaking. This concept was recently introduced in the World Heptik Conference held in Japan. Soon its technique will be used on other species of dogs and they will be trained.

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