Thief or Peter Parker? You decide

In the Bhola Nath Nagar area, which is part of East Delhi, CCTV cameras have obtained some interesting footage.

A barefoot man had managed to enter the house of a businessman and stole a ton of jewelry. He slips into each room without making too much of a sound and the entire family manages to sleep through this ordeal.

There was not a single witness to this amazing crime. Well, except the cameras. You can see him climb into the house by using a gas pipeline at around 3. Ankit Yadav has lost a lot of money due to the theft, along with other members of his home.

His pose on the pipeline can be somewhat legendary in a way, almost as if he climbed right out of the comic book. But then Spidey is not a cunning criminal, is he? The Curse of the Symbiote perhaps? Who knows. We must find this man at all costs.

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