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Those who spend more than 5 hours on mobile, 43% more risk of developing obesity


  • Research on 1 thousand students, over 25% of people who spend more than 5 hours over the phone overweight
  • According to research, students who use mobile more eat sweet drinks, fast food and candy

Health Desk One of the reasons for obesity can be increased mobile use too. According to a recent research by Simon Bolivar University of California, using the 5 hours of mobile all day increases the risk of obesity growing by 43%. Due to the busyness of the mobile, due to lack of physical activity and more food is involved in research.

Increasing metabolism worsens insomnia

  1. Researchers included 1000 students in research. Research conducted between June to December 2018 revealed that more consumers using the phone eat sweet drinks, fast food and candy. Exercise reduces. Researchers say that this habit reduces metabolism and increases the problem of sleepiness. This leads to weight gain.

  2. Researcher and cardiologist Prof. According to Meryri Mantila-Moron- Research explains why the phone in the hands of the patient is the key reason for poor health. Increased risk of obesity increases the risk of heart disease. In the research presented at the conference of American College of Cardiology, 25% of the students involved in the research were overweight. These people spent more than 5 hours a day on the phone.

  3. According to Texas’s Rice University, when fast food is given to people using more of the phone, their control over their own becomes less. The 2016 Harvard Chain School’s research also found that obesity was expected to increase due to spending more time on mobile.

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