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Thousands of bullets were seen in the eyes of the bull, the heat that happened at the age of 31

Anurag Kashyap’s creative direction has become the eye-teaser tiger. In it, Chandra Tomar (Land Predator) and Prakash Tomar (Tapasi Pannu) are running bullets. The special thing is that these two heroines who make somebody crazy with their shows are in the role of grandma in this movie. Both of you will be seen in saris wrapped in white hair. However, what is the name of the bull’s eye? This fear is also in the director’s mind, so it has been reported in the teaser itself. In a one-minute 23-teaser teaser, there are only dialogues selected, in which shooter granddesses are asked whether they are seeing the eyes of the fish like Arjun. In response to the shooter, the speaker tells that he does not see the eye of the fish, but he sees the eye of the bull. It is worth mentioning that in some districts of western UP and adjoining Haryana, there is a similar abortion in the name of the film. Abuse and fight will be shown prominence in the film Anurag Kashyap’s style, it has been shown to the teaser. Actually, life was more dangerous Shooter grandmother This film is based on the real-life of veteran Sharpshooter Publ Tomb and Chandra Tomar of Johadi village in western Uttar Pradesh. The world had to go about these two women when both of them had won more than 30 national championships in the shoot after the age of 65. The name of these two is as a shooter of 352 medals. The first time the old lady is playing the role of both heroines

The age of Tapi Pannu is 31 and the land peddaker is 29 years old. But Anurag Kashyap chose him for the role of old women of 65 years. Apart from this, Anurag’s favorite actor Vineet Singh is also seen in the film. While the film has been directed by Tushar Hiranandani.

The film’s tagline has increased waiting for the movie by seeing these actresses doing full diaspora in the teaser.

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