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To clean the patient's stomach with poison in Ajmer, the doctors directly rushed the water bottle


  • Gastric lavage of patients getting water bottles at Jawaharlal Nehru Hospital
  • Even 4 months ago the picture of negligence was revealed; Junior doctors charged

Ajmer (Manish Singh Chauhan) Here is a picture of doctors’ negligence in the emergency unit of Jawaharlal Nehru Hospital. On Tuesday, the method of gestational lavage was changed to remove the toxic substance from a woman’s body. Doctors started treatment by connecting directly to the water bottle of IV-IV (hose of the glucose). In such a situation the fear of infection remains.

Experts believe that the stomach should be cleaned with the help of glucose bottle and fun (gastric lavage tube) for patients suffering from poison. Doctors say that this process is meaningful. It releases all the toxic particles stored inside the body, because the faster the water in the stomach will come out.

Here’s a straight bottle

The information was received from the relatives of the patient and it was found that the water bottle was directly installed here. Rather than pouring water in the bottle of glucose, Ivy Sets connect directly to the mouth of the water bottle and put it in the rye tub. It was slowly going to water like glucose.

Junior adopting shortcut, no improvement even after reprimand

Hospital sources say that so far senior nursing staff has been treating this method only. But, junior is following the shortcut. To clean the patient’s stomach, the stomach is being cleansed by setting the IV set directly in the water bottle. The pressure in the water bottle does not get so fast; there is no guarantee that the stomach is completely clean. The serial doctor has questioned this many times.

This is the process

  • To begin treatment of the patient, the stomach is first cleansed so that there is no toxic particles inside the body.
  • To make more water in the stomach, at least eight to ten liters of mineral water bottles are planted.
  • The funnel method is used to clean the stomach. In this process, the thick tube, like endoscopy, goes into the stomach through the mouth. Due to the accumulation of water in the stomach rapidly, the particles of the toxic come out of the vomit, but there is a fear of going into many obese vomiting oxygen hose. The patient does not cooperate on removing the pipe again and again. For this reason it is less used.
  • Gestaltic rhinoceroses are being treated this day through Rhiz tube. After putting hose in the patient’s nose, cut the empty bottle of glucose and put it on the stand. The water in the empty bottle is rapidly inserted into the stomach through the nose.

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