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To see things far or near, just flip the eyelid, researchers create biometric lenses


  • Two times when eyes blinking away and doing so again, things can be seen clearly
  • Biometric lenses have been prepared on the basis of the process of seeing the distance between humans and animals

Lifestyle Desk The University of California has prepared special lenses, which can help clear away things in a distant or near-instant fashion. Researchers named it the biometric lens. Claims that these lenses will prove to be particularly good for them, whose eyesight is very weak and it is compulsive to wear glasses. At present the prototype of this lens has been prepared.

Lenses made from electro-active polymer film

  1. According to the researchers, to see things far or near, only the movement of the eyes will have to be changed. This is similar to the normal lens in view. It uses electro-active polymer film instead of organic tissue. It uses a special type of wire which produces current. This helps in spreading and shrinking the lens.

  2. Two times when the eyes are blinking away and doing so again, the nearby things can be seen clearly. The biometric lens has been prepared on the same lines as the human and the animal as seen in nearby and distant things. This lens will be used in the future in the eye as a place to build yourself and also as a robotic eye.

  3. Researchers say lenses will have to undergo many other experiments before reaching the human. Our research is going on. In 2014 search engine Google also started working on Smart Contact Lenses. It used to check the level of glucose from the tears of diabetic patients who applied the lens. However, this project was banned in 2018.


  4. Researcher Shengying Kai says that there is the power to give signals in the movement of the eyes (blinking the eyelids). Even when you are in sleep, you have electro-ocologic potential in your eyes. Even when you are not looking at anything, some people are also creating electro-ocologic signals by moving their eyes to the pupils.

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