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Trivia: Father Salim Khan was found in Salman Khan's school, know what was the reason

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Mumbai. Salman Khan’s father Salim Khan is celebrating his 84th birthday today. We often talk about Salim Khan’s contribution to films, but today on this special occasion we are going to tell you about an interesting anecdote related to Salim and his son Salman Khan. This story was shared by Salman Khan himself during a film promotion on Kapil Sharma’s show. Salman was narrating stories related to his childhood, during which he told that once father Salim Khan was punished in his school.

Salman had told that one day I was punished to stand near the flag post of the school. When the father came to school at home during the day, he asked me what happened? I said do not know Papa, I have been asked to stand outside. On this, the father went to the Principal of the school and asked. To this, the principal replied that I was punished for not paying the school fees. Hearing the answer of the principal, Papa said, ‘It is my responsibility to pay the fees, it is your responsibility to make him sit in class, the mistake is mine, so why have you punished him?’

Paid in lieu of Salman

After this, Papa stood near the flag post from lunch to school. The next day, he paid the fees and the teacher also apologized. In this way, the father talked to the principal and himself paid the penalty for not paying the fees. Salman has said many times that he takes advice from his father many times. Salman has been shown to his father on difficult times many times and Salman Khan also takes career advice from his father.

Friend’s bonding with father

Let me tell you that not only Salman has excellent bonding with the father of the three brothers. Salman had told that he lives with his father like friends. But they are also beaten at the fault. Talk about contributing to films, Bollywood’s famous writer Salim Khan has given many blockbuster movies to Hindi cinema like ‘Sholay’ and ‘Zanjeer’.

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