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Truffle supports three new blockchains to promote utilization for businesses

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Truffle has worked with Ethereum’s development framework so far, but it will provide a variety of blockchain development frameworks that are not limited to Ethereum. A development environment that can compile and deploy contract code, manage addresses, etc. This is a familiar tool for those who have ever developed DApps or studied Ethereum.

According to the company’s CEO Tim Coulter, the company plans to focus on the enterprise blockchain in the future, and three new blockchains are Corda and Hyperledger. Tezos.

If you focus on the enterprise, Corda and Hyperledger Fabric will not feel strange. Corda is a DLT promoted by R3.

Hyperledger Fabric, on the other hand, is a consortium blockchain framework promoted by IBM. There are also many demonstration experiments, but a good example of actual operation is a trade lens (TradeLens) applied to marine insurance.

Tezos is publicly available as a public blockchain, and many people may find it strange to use it as a corporate blockchain. However, security tokens have been issued more recently in the blockchain.

In the largest case, a Brazilian investment bank called BTG Pactual has announced that it will issue tokens of up to $ 1 billion (about 106 billion yen) with real estate securitization on Tezos blockchain. 

Recently, the Swiss stock exchange has announced the implementation of trading the security tokens issued in the public blockchain within the consortium blockchain, as well as examples for use in demonstration experiments. is increasing.


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