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Trump said – Apple will not be exempted from import duty if Apple made parts of Mac Pro in China


  • According to the American media, Apple will assemble the new Mac Pro in China instead of Texas
  • Trump said – Apple CEO Tim Cook respected, will try to solve the issue
  • China thinks I will not be president again, they want to avoid trade deal till next election: Trump

Washington. US President Donald Trump said on Friday that if Apple builds new MAC Pro parts in China, then it will not be exempted from the import duty. Apple should do manufacturing in the US. However, Trump also said he highly respected Apple CEO Tim Cook and would try to resolve this issue.

US-China talks to resolve tariff dispute

  1. Apple is doing the assembly of the current version of Mac Pro in Texas. But, there are reports that assembly of new Mac Pro will be done in China. Trump does not want to do this. Because, the import duty dispute between the United States and China has been going on since March last year.

  2. Trade war between USA and China began in March last year. Both countries have raised fees on the billions of dollars of each other. Last month, the US threatened to impose 25% of the imports of China’s $ 300 billion additional imports. However, Trump had agreed to resume trade talks after meeting China’s President Xi Jinping at the G-20 meeting.

  3. Companies such as Apple, Dell, HP, Intel, Microsoft and Sony had demanded before the Trump administration to keep their products out of the extra tariff limits. Apple did not mention the Mac Pro system in its list of products but demanded a rebate on import duty on hardware manufactured in China.

  4. Trump also said on Friday that the China Trade Deal wants to avoid till the next president of the US president. Because, she feels that I will not be selected again and it will be easy for them to deal with Democrats.

  5. Trump said that China does not make any difference or not. Because, through tariff they are getting billions of dollars from China. It has also been adversely affecting the meaning of China. On the other hand, US farmers affected by trade war are also happy because we have given them $ 16 billion in aid from the money received from the tariff.

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