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Trump's Economic Advisor said: The President never talks things on his behalf


  • Donald Trump has claimed that Modi had appealed to him to be a mediator on Kashmir issue
  • American MPs also criticized Trump after rejecting claims on behalf of India

Washington. US President Donald Trump has been questioning the claim in which he had said that Prime Minister Narendra Modi had asked him to mediate on the Kashmir issue. However, the Indian government rejected the Trump claim within one hour. But now Trump’s economic adviser Larry Cuddlow defended the president. He said that the President never digs things from his side.

‘President and Foreign Minister can answer only’

  1. When the reporters in the White House asked the President’s claim from Kudlow, he called it a very crappy question. Kudlow said, “The President never talks with himself. I think this is a wrong question. I will be out of this case This question is out of my realm. The answer can be given by National Security Advisor John Bolton, External Affairs Minister Mike Pompey and President himself. ”

  2. Trump said on Monday that during a joint press conference with Imran Khan, Modi had been with him two weeks ago and he had offered mediation on the Kashmir issue. On this, Imran said that if you can do this, then billions of people will give you a favor.

  3. India rejects Trump’s claim

    The Indian Foreign Ministry issued the statement and said Trump’s claim was wrong. On behalf of the Government it was said that Prime Minister Modi and Trump had no such thing. India is firm on its decision. All issues with Pakistan will be resolved through bilateral talks only. External Affairs Minister S. Jaishankar had also made clear in Parliament that no third party interference will be allowed on Kashmir issue.

  4. Democrat MP Trump’s statement has been embarrassed

    Bram Sharhamman, MP of the United Democratic Party of America, described this statement as tragic as shameful. He tweeted, “I just apologized to Indian Ambassador Harsh Shrungala for an inexplicable statement of Trump. Anyone who knows a bit too much about South Asia’s foreign policy knows that India does not want third party interference on the Kashmir issue.

  5. At the same time, former US diplomat Elisa Ayres had said that Trump had been prepared without meeting with Imran. Without them, the statements given are illogical.

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