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TV actor Pratish Vohra’s two year old daughter loses her life after choking on a toy!

TV actor Pratish Vohra’s two-year-old daughter lost her life in an unfortunate incident. Pratish’s daughter accidentally swallowed a toy, which caused her to choke and die. Pratish is still in shock from this incident. He has talked about this in an interview. Pratish has told what happened on that day due to which his daughter died.

“On that day we were having a party at home with our friends. All were eating pizzas when my daughter swallowed something. As soon as I saw this, I tried to pluck the toy from her mouth remove it but she bit and cut my hand.

She probably got scared and this allowed the toy to move further down her throat. We ran to the hospital immediately, because our daughter had started bleeding. By the time we reached the hospital, the bleeding had stopped and the doctor told us that our daughter’s heart had stopped beating as well!. It all happened in just a few seconds…..”

Family resides in Rajkot: Pratish told that he lives in Mumbai but the family lives in Rajkot. Betty his wife used to come to live with them. Pratish said- My wife is now my first responsibility so I can not cry anymore but my wife is a powerful woman and she will be able to recover from this accident before me. She is also working but I will be able to focus on work only after some time.

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