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TV Record reports on Genbit and exposes Nivaldo Gonzaga's ostentation


Genbit creator, Nivaldo Gonzaga, next to a jet. (Image: Playback / TV Record)

"Once again the blow to the pyramid destroys people's dreams," said Eduardo Ribeiro at the opening of the report on Genbit, shown over the weekend on Record TV's Domingo Espetacular program.

Entitled 'Criminals make 45,000 victims in a pyramid scheme', the report shows the station's journalism team following the tracks left by Nivaldo Gonzaga dos Santos, creator of the scheme.

Through several companies and a controversial cryptocurrency Treep Token (TPK), Gonzaga stopped paying thousands of people. As the report shows, he has been building a life of luxury and ostentation for at least two years.

In the last scam, with Genbit, he decided to pay customers with TPK. However, so far, the asset has no commercial value and cannot be traded. This is because it is not listed in any brokerage.

"Of course, that doesn't have any ballast," said Prosecutor Eronides dos Santos, who has already requested the blocking of assets of all those involved.

According to the report, the bank accounts of the suspects were practically empty. Now the experts are trying to find out where the purchased jets are and whether they have transferred money to accounts abroad.

Genbit creator not found

“There were months of investigation by the Public Ministry. Scammers have made victims all over Brazil, ”says Ribeiro, alongside presenter Thalita Oliveira.

As the report showed, the Record TV team went to the Treepart headquarters in Campinas (SP), where the office that ran Genbit, Zero10 and other Gonzaga businesses is located.

He also visited the condominium where Gonzaga lived, in Valinhos, also in the interior of São Paulo, but he had already moved. They also tried to contact by phone, but without success.

Lost R $ 570 thousand

"They brainwashed our heads," said a client to the report. He lost R $ 27,500 in the deal.

Another victim reported that he lost R $ 570 thousand in his savings and people he convinced to invest in the company. "Father, uncle, cousins, friends and neighbors," he said.

Defense of Genbit

The report managed to speak to the suspects' defense lawyer, Rainaldo Oliveira, who claimed there was no coup, as all clients received payment in virtual currencies in the form of the contract.

"The company, in advance, fulfilled all contracts, put all customers' digital wallets in digital assets, so there is no loss, there is no fraudulent procedure," he said.

However, Rainaldo's justification is treated in another way by the Justice, which has already ordered, in two cases, the company to return the amount contributed in reais. She did not welcome the act of forcibly converting customers' money into TPK.

Before forcing its customers to convert Bitcoins to TPK, however, Genbit had already stopped withdrawals since August.

The company is being investigated by the São Paulo Public Ministry and the case is also in the criminal sphere.

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