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UK’s official Beach Cricket tournament is the new black. Check to see why this new tournament is totally rad and heck loads of fun!!

  • The matches of street cricket 8-8 over each matches
  • Players decide, who comes when and who plays when, There is no LBW, wideball or noball!

The Beach cricket tournament has started in the United Kingdom. From May to September, 3 teams play cricket on the seashore. People from the team make up the pitch and rules among themselves. The Beach Cricket is organized by the Ship in club!

It is the only cricket club in the UK, which has a middle-order pitch. However, these pitchs’ does not last. In every 2 to 3 days the waves take the pitch. Then a new pitch is made by roller rolling.

This time in the league, 3 teams are participating – The McGallany Brothers-11, KilmaCom and BrokeBet. This concept of beach cricket has been brought from the West Indies, where the decades-old trend of playing cricket on the beach is very popular!

In the UK this league started 2 to 3 years ago. This time the league is being played in Scotland. These are matches of 8-8 overs. All the basic rules are the same as the rules of the street cricket.

The purpose of beach cricket is just entertainment

  • The purpose of middle cricket is simply entertainment, so there is no fixed number of players. Whoever wants to play, he can come and play. Just have to come in the white kit.
  • Usually the matches are kept at 8-8 overs each. However, if people are watching the match, and they like the game, then they are given two chances.
  • If the ball goes into the sea or between people who are celebrating a picnic , the batsman should go and take the ball.
  • If there is no one to count the score then the players themselves have to remember the score. Every batsman has to scream the score after scoring! 
  • If the ball lands in water it is scored 6 runs and the batsman is also given out. Then the same batsman should go and bring back the ball.

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