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Unick Forex creator says he has no money and asks the court for a lawyer paid by the State


Leidimar Lopes is the creator of the scheme that injured thousands of people

The leader of the Unick Forex financial pyramid, Leidimar Lopes, informed the Justice of Porto Alegre that he has no money to pay for a lawyer and should win a public defender. According to the NH newspaper, his defense lawyers resigned from the case.

According to the newspaper, on the last 5th, Judge Karine da Silva Cordeiro, from the 7th Federal Court, made an order informing the situation of Leidimar.

The document says that Leidimar contacted the Secretariat and said he had no money to hire lawyers. Cordeiro then ordered the Public Defender's Office to appoint a lawyer for the defendant.

O Bitcoin Portal contacted Nelson Wilians Fratoni Rodrigues to confirm the news. "The Nelson Wilians office will not speak out," replied the press officer.

Also according to NH, other defendants in the Unick Forex case were also defenseless. Danter Silva, Marcos Kronhardt and Leidimar's daughter, Ana Carolina Lopes, are in the same situation.

Unick leader in freedom

In provisional release since last month, Leidimar Lopes is accused of commanding one of the biggest financial pyramid scams ever applied in Brazil. The loss to investors can reach R $ 28 billion.

Supported by Danter Silva, Fernando Lusvarghi, family and oranges, Leidimar, who before setting up fraudulent schemes was just a simple investor, when at Unick he no longer spoke in small amounts, but in millions.

To give you an idea, Unick Forex moved R $ 155 million only in a Coopesa credit union account, which is linked to Banco do Brasil. Itaú, Santander and Sicredi were also used to deal with the fraudulent scheme.

The scheme set up by Leidimar was aimed at laundering and moving money in all ways. Whether through a simple children's school or through an ‘AC / DC level’ rock concert with a profit of R $ 60 million – which almost got off the ground.

The term billion was also not left out. In a call recorded by the Federal Police, Leidimar said “I have 1 billion reais”, referring to a Fullbank account.

The past of the creator of Unick Forex

Leidimar Bernardo Lopes has a long history of several types of scams in Rio Grande do Sul. He now lives in Caxias do Sul, in Serra Gaúcha, but was born in Porto Alegre.

Before Unick, around 2013 he had created Phoner, which had the same CNPJ as Unick. It became known as the “blow from the hose”.

They sold the idea that people would get rich by saving fuel with a kind of magic hose and a PVC card, but in reality they sold investment quotas.

Billionaire pyramid

Unick Forex had previously been banned from trading by the CVM. The company, however, challenged the regulator and continued offering its products. He even changed his name, to Unick Academy, to try to deceive the regulator.

With the promise of 100% profit on the amount invested in up to six months, the company would have captured thousands of customers.

However, after complaints and investigations, PF Operation Lamanai arrested nine people, including Leidimar.

In January, a new complaint from the MPF revealed that Unick Forex raised R $ 29 billion from 1.5 million people.

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