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Unick Forex lawyer also defends Gugu's ex in dispute over $ 1 billion inheritance


Lawyer Nelson Wilians (Photo: Disclosure)

Known from the Brazilian cryptocurrency market for working for Bitcoin Bank and Unick Forex, lawyer Nelson Wilians is now involved in another major national case – the billionaire dispute over the legacy of former presenter Gugu.

Wilians' office, which is the largest bank in Brazil, was hired by the presenter's ex-wife, Rose Miriam di Matteo. Rose was left out of Gugu's estate – estimated at R $ 1 billion, according to O Globo. She wants 50%.

In the fight for the case, even the lawyer responsible for Danter Silva's release ended up being shot. A UOL report showed that Wilians owed about R $ 2 million in overdue alimony.

According to UOL, he was married for 17 years to Priscila Belintani with whom he had three children. His ex-wife is defended by lawyer Dilermando Cigagna – the same who defends Gugu's children in the lawsuit against his mother.

Unick Forex and Bitcoin Bank

Nelson Wilians Advogados Associados (NWADV) was hired by Unick Forex in early October last year. Initially, the purpose of the contract was to regularize cancellation requests, which would be carried out through an extra judicial agreement. None of the contracts were paid.

Later, with the arrest of the entire Unick dome, the office began to work on the defense of those accused of a financial fraud that injured more than a million people.

He recently won important victories in the case, such as the release of Danter Silva, who spent 100 days behind bars. Now, the attempt is to get the company's creator, Leidimar Lopes, to also get out of prison.

With Bitcoin Bank the situation was quite different. The firm took on the defense of the company that defaulted on clients over R $ 2 billion on June 12, 2019. The objective was to defend the company from hundreds of lawsuits throughout Brazil.

Just over a month later, everything changed. The contract between the parties has been broken. In mid-July, Wilians filed a lawsuit in the amount of R $ 1.78 million against Claudio Oliveira's company.

In the lawsuit, Nelson Wilians' office states that he acted in favor of Bitcoin Bank but did not receive the fees that add up to R $ 1.48 million, which is a 10% fine.

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