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Unick Forex leader warned of Federal Police mega-operation against the company


Police action in Rio Grande do Sul (Photo: Disclosure / PF)

One of Unick Forex's biggest promoters, Marcos Prata, was alerted to the Federal Police investigation even before Operation Lamanai was launched that arrested company leaders suspected of fraud with cryptocurrencies.

According to the investigation of the Federal Police (PF), a man named Rodrigo, known as “priest”, would have informed Marcos Prata that the “Federal Police would be doing a stratospheric operation against Unick, and that they would not have started yet because he would not have chain for everyone ”.

Rodrigo, however, got to know about the Operation that would be called Lamanai in the future after a lawyer involved with the company Indeal leaked this information to a police officer who had not revealed his identity and who was Rodrigo's contact.

The discovery made by the PF, however, came through an interception made on Fernando Lusvarghi's phone. As stated in the document that the Bitcoin Portal had access, Marcos Prata as soon as he received the news decided to call on June 8, 2019 to the lawyer, who held the position of legal director of Unick Forex. The call was made around 8 pm and lasted a little over 8 minutes.

From what appears in the audio description, Silver's concern was that the PF would do with Unick Forex the same thing that had happened with Indeal. Through Operation Egypto, Indeal was dismantled and its leaders arrested.

Unick Forex and the certainty of impunity

Lusvarghi, however, did not believe the information. He tried to calm Prata by stating that Unick had nothing to do with Indeal, since the company led by Leidimar Lopes "likes it or not the authorities, has an international structure and sells its product online".

In a part of the conversation, Lusvarghi asked for the informant's phone number (Rodrigo, “the Father”) in order to speak to him to apologize to Marcos Prata for the “lame lie he's telling you”.

The lawyer even called those responsible for Indeal “donkeys”:

“The Federal Police made an operation against an illegal company that sold investments within Brazil, in an office within Brazil, with contracts signed in Brazil. The guys were stupid, but so stupid, in a limit that doesn't have too much stupidity ”.

This view of Lusvarghi, however, was not the same as that of Leidimar Lopes. The company president was more cautious and decided to listen to the “priest”. He mentioned that sooner or later this would happen, but that he could work around the situation.

However, it seems that even Lopes did not pay much attention to the inside information coming from Rodrigo. According to a conversation between an unidentified woman and the trader who operated Unick Forex, Marcos Kronhardt, the president of Unick had said that everything would be just Fake News.

Lusvarghi, who had been at Unick since August 15, 2017, was almost sure that nothing would happen to the company and mentioned this to Marcos Prata to calm him down.

Power and arrogance

The lawyer, in conversation with Prata, decided to show without ceremony the power that Unick Forex and the president, Leidimar Lopes, had:

“Our president even has a gun, even a gun, when he removed the gun he was a c * to get it”.

Knowing the prerogatives of a lawyer, Lusvarghi mentioned that if there was anything against Unick in any police station, he would have to be attended to by the delegate, as the lawyer is an essential part of the Justice, with no hierarchy between judge, prosecutor, delegate and himself lawyer.

Although the audio description does not have the tone of the voice, Lusvarghi is safe, bordering on arrogance:

"I am not a forum delegate who is afraid of hitting the table and says to the guy 'you respect me that we are on an equal footing, I only represent justice here, you have to give me access to information'. Federal law of the OAB says that I am not a mere lawyer, I am a representative of justice in any public agency that I enter. I have access to the information I want, I just need to go there and hit the table telling the guy to give me the information ”.


There is a somewhat meaningless part of the conversation between Marcos Prata and Lusvarghi. The legal director of Unick Forex argued to one of its biggest leaders and promoters that it would be legal and that there was nothing against the company:

“Marcos let me tell you something, there is a federal judge, there is a federal delegate, there is a chief prosecutor for the Federal Public Ministry, there is a sentence from the federal judge, from a federal judge who understood that there is no federal crime. Unick does all its legal obligations under the law, okay? ”.

Silver Brothers at Unick Forex

The point is that even then, the Securities and Exchange Commission (CVM) had already banned Unick Forex from attracting customers in Brazil and it was already suspected of criminal activity in the financial market. The company was already a target of the Federal Public Ministry.

The incongruity, however, is that Marcos Prata, together with his brother Marcelo Prata, had already been capturing customers even with the CVM ban, which should cause them to raise the minimum suspicion of the company in which they had been operating.

On the contrary, they even used an official from the Fire Department to recruit customers within the corporation.

Even after the Federal Public Prosecutor's Office was following Unick Forex, the Prata brothers continued to defend the company, which finally when it stopped paying investors and fearing their reprisals ended up making an appeal to Unick leaders “for love of God ”to pay people.

The appeal, however, seems not to have been heard and now everything indicates that there is only one way for these customers to receive and it will be through Justice.

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